Grace Quan

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Grace has over 25 years of experience spanning a wealth of sectors including government - Federal Government of Canada, the Provincial Government (Minister's Office) of Alberta; Academia - University of British Columbia, and Management of a Flying School; Not-for-Profit / Research Funding Agency - Genome British Columbia; and private sector with various management positions. Grace is well positioned to lead H2M in navigating the complicated world of Federal and Provincial politics and program funding requirements. At the same time Grace's skills and expertise in the private sector will be invaluable in providing strategic direction in the marketing, finance, human resource, and production domains.

Mark Cannon

Mark has over thirty years of experience commercializing academic developments, covering such diverse fields as: real time vision analysis, electromagnetic measurement and simulation, Computer Aided Design of printed circuit boards and microchips, custom integrated semiconductor chips for encryption, optical fibre signal measurement and recovery, and building energy management systems. He has worked at major research and development companies such as Systemhouse, Bell-Northern Research (later absorbed by Nortel), and Cadence Design Systems. Mark is very familiar with technology start-ups, the exigencies of entrepreneurship, and the business cycle of introducing new products into the market having co-founded two successful start-ups: Unicad Inc. (bought by Cooper & Chyan Technologies) and Viewnyx Corporation. He has also held key roles in two other start-ups, Chrysalis ITS and Optovation Inc.